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Tigard Oregon Home Sales For October 2015

Tigard Oregon Home Sales For October 2015 Single family homes only. Tigard Oregon continues to be a Seller's market. Buyers have few listing to choose from and they sell fast, often at higher than the price listed. Sellers often have multiple offers from which to choose. The average time (DOM) it took to sell a home this month was 44 days. During October 2014 the DOM was 64 days. The average … [Read More...]

Tigard Home Prices Show Substantial Improvement

Tigard Home Prices Show Substantial Improvement single family homes Tigard home prices show substantial improvement in 2013. The average sale price the first four months of 2013 compared to the first four months of 2012 increased 17%. This is a crazy high figure that is certainly not sustainable. This anomaly is caused by many Buyers chasing few listings. I had a listing that attracted 15 … [Read More...]

Tigard Oregon Relocation Information

Tigard Oregon Relocation Information My Tigard Oregon Relocation Information provides a comprehensive resource for all things related to Tigard, Oregon for people coming from other cities and states. I am a real estate agent that knows the Tigard Community very well. I concentrate my real estate activities to the Tigard area and I have been tracking single family home sales for over 4 years. I … [Read More...]

Tigard Home Prices Improving

Tigard Home Prices Improving  Single Family Homes   Tigard home prices for February 2013 sales improved 16% over February 2012. This is just one month's comparison to another, but this is good news. The median sales price is also creeping upwards. This indicates that more home of higher value are selling. It also indicates that prices are rising. Tigard home prices last year (2012) for … [Read More...]

Oregon Property Taxes Trade Offs

Oregon Property Taxes Trade Offs   Oregon Property Taxes: As a member of the Washington County Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA) for 11 years, I have acquired a greater understanding of our Oregon property tax system than the average citizen, and it seems many government leaders.   The Oregonian ran a story on 2/28/2013 titled “Time to tweak property taxes?” Has time eroded … [Read More...]