Is A Green Christmas Tree Made of Plastic?

Is a Green Christmas Tree Made of Plastic?

With respect to Bing Crosby and his hit song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” His generation was unaware of global warming or carbon footprint. These are modern concerns. If you are “Dreaming of a Green Christmas”`, here is some help about choosing a Christmas tree

Which is better, a fresh or fake Christmas tree?

In my family when my boys were younger, we were off to a tree farm to select a fresh tree which we cut on the spot. This was always a big deal to them. They came home with their heads held high and their chests expanded to show their Mom this year’s tree, which they chose. We live in Oregon, the Christmas tree capital of the world. While these trees are growing, they absorb and remove CO2 from the air and create ongoing and seasonal jobs. We can get a great tree here for $25.00 or so. The farther you get from Oregon, the more expensive the trees become. I’d hate to pay for a fresh tree in Los Angeles! When the season is over, the local Boy Scout Troop picks up the tree for a small donation, and turns it into mulch for local parks. Fresh trees dry out and drop needles and can become a fire hazard. They require daily watering if you want them to last as long as possible.

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Artificial trees account for about 30% of all trees now. Realistic looking ones start at $75.00 and can go over $500 for hand painted ones. They don’t shed needles and they can be reused for several years. No special trip is required each year to purchase a tree, but you do need space to store them during the year. They don’t shed needles and they don’t require watering. Depending on the cost of a live tree in your area, you can recoup the initial purchase price in just a few years. The PVC plastic in these trees is not recyclable. When they are disposed of, they will end up in a landfill and take a very long time to break down. The American Christmas Tree Association states that due to the energy involved in the manufacturing process, you would have to use your tree for a minimum of nine years to offset the climate-change benefit of using fresh trees.

The search for a perfect Christmas tree is one of the cherished traditions of the holiday season. This is an emotional and an economic decision. Both types have their pros and cons. Because I live in Oregon, I’m still going the fresh route. If I lived somewhere else, an artificial Christmas tree would be acceptable.

Wayne Pruner is a Washington County Master Recycler.

In Tigard, your fresh tree can be recycled at the curb if:

  • All decorations are removed.
  • If it is over 5 feet, it needs to be cut in half.
  • There is no charge if you do not also put out your yard debris cart.

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