Frozen Pipe Repairs for Tigard Homes

frozen pipe repairfrozen pipe repairFrozen pipe repairs for Tigard Oregon Homes

Many pipes were ruptured during our latest extended period of below freezing temperatures. This was an unusual occurrence and people where caught off guard. Pipes that ran in attics were particularly vulnerable. Here is the method of repairing copper pipe that I prefer.
1. Cut out the ruptured pipe. Use a tubing cutter.
2. Cut a new piece of copper pipe the same diameter and the same length as the one you cut out.
3. This is the key part. Get two “no-stop” couplings. These couplings slip over the pipe, allowing you to insert the new pipe. Then you slip them over the existing pipe. “Regular” couplings will not work for this repair.
4. Make sure that the existing pipe is cleaned, with emery cloth or the bushes made specifically for cleaning copper pipe, until it is shiny; apply flux to all parts, and then solder.  Be sure to protect all exposed materials from catching on fire with a heat resistant cloth. Test the soldered joints for water leakage.

Are you wondering what the bread is for? Many times there is residual water in the pipe that makes it hard to solder it properly. Squeeze the bread into a cocktail wiener shape. Then stuff the bread up the pipe on each side to block the water and then solder. You have to work quickly because the bread rapidly absorbs water and falls apart, allowing water back to the joint that needs to be soldered. When you turn the water back on, after the joints have been soldered, it blows the bread harmlessly out the faucet.

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