Gates: The final repair

Gates: The final repairgate repair

I have many gates in my life. Since I own rental property and do my own maintenance and my children are boys, I have to do many gate repairs. Gates take a lot of abuse and I have learned over the years how to make a gate as sturdy as possible. One problem that stumped me for quite some time was the lack of a sturdy gate latch. Almost all the ones being sold were of the same design; flimsy metal and short screws. The screws that attach the metal piece to the gate work loose over time and strip out the holes and never stay tight. I could never repair them a expect it to last.

My solution to that problem was to weld the piece that goes on the gate to a piece of angle iron. I then can use 3 inch screws to secure it in place. As you can see in the photo, this added piece of angle iron distributes the holding force over a wider area. I have never had to “readjust” a gate since using this method. Even if the gate is slammed shut, this modified latch absorbs the force.

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