Real Estate Electronic Signatures

Real Estate Electronic Signatures

Real Estate Electronic Signatures: The digital revolution was supposed to reduce the use of paper. However, business generates and stores more paper than ever. The truly paperless office real estate office has not yet arrived. Clients, Sellers and Buyers, can fill out forms electronically, but then they need to print them out, sign them, scan or fax them to another party, deliver them by hand, or pay a service to have them delivered. Many hours are spent handling the paper a typical real estate transaction generates.

real estate electronic signatures

The electronic or digital signature is a way to sign a document with a mathematical encryption process that attaches to the document. These documents can be sent via your computer.

This technology can:

  •  Verify the identity of the signer.
  •  Verify the date and time of delivery and acceptance.
  •  Verify the authenticity of the document and that data has not been altered.
  •  Satisfy legal requirements for contracts.

The Benefits Of Using Digital Signatures

The benefits of using digital signatures to Realtors and their clients are many:

  • The need for everyone to meet at one place at an agreed upon time is eliminated.
  • No more need to drive around to get signatures. Just use email to get the job done.
  •  Less paper is used.
  • Unreadable faxes are eliminated.
  •  All documents can be stored in digital form, saving file cabinet space.
  •  No need to postpone a vacation or miss out on a home purchase because you are out of town.
  •  No more need to pay for overnight shipping of documents for signing.
  •  It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions and click a mouse.

I had a transaction that had a counter offer presented, signed, and returned in 30 minutes while the Buyer was on a plane to Japan. This was a multiple offer situation that he may have missed out on because he was out of town. Using real estate electronic signatures allowed this investor to close the deal.

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