Repair your home before you sell it.

Repair your home before you sell it.

Properly handling repairs that come up as the result of the home inspection can be tricky to negotiate. Repairs are probably the second biggest reason why sales fail. Financing issues are generally number one, but you have very little control over this. You can be proactive on repair issues.  The Seller wants to do the minimum necessary to sell the house and many Buyers want everything fixed before they buy. The time restraints of typical contracts add pressure to resolving these repair issues and usually place the Seller at a disadvantage. The longer the list of repairs, the harder it is to keep the momentum of the home purchase moving forward.

Smart Sellers want to be proactive to avoid repair issues. Too many repairs on the inspection report may discourage the Buyer from moving forward on buying your home. These inexpensive and cost effective repairs create a good first impression. Well maintained homes are desirable to Buyers.

  • Curb appeal is King. Buyers start forming their opinion as soon as the drive up to the house. The yard needs to be mowed and all weeds pulled. Shrubs and trees need to be trimmed. The trash cans need to be out of sight.
  • There needs to be some colors spots (flowers) around the front door.
  • The front door needs to look good. Paint the door if it needs it.
  • When people open the door, there needs to be no offensive odors. Smoking, animal, cooking, and damp smells turn people off. Remove the source of these smells and use a light, natural fragrance to mask them, such as vanilla or cinnamon.
  • Clean the whole house. Everything. Inside and out.
  • Check under the sinks. If there is water damage, repair the leaks. If the wood under the sink is swollen or damaged, it can be repaired by gluing on a piece of linoleum that fits snugly around the bottom shelf.
  • Caulk around all tubs and showers and toilets.
  • Check the polarity of all electrical plugs. The plugs around sinks need to be the GFCI type. Seek qualified help on all electrical repair issues.
  • Paint anything that needs painting in a neutral color. Most Buyers are turned off by bold colors.
  • Have a garage sale to get rid of all your excess belongings. Donate what doesn’t sell. Your house will appear larger if the cabinets and closets are not packed.
  • Clean the gutters.

A buyer feels more comfortable purchasing a clean, well maintained home, that need no repair.  These simple tips will help your home sell faster and for more money. Isn’t that what you are trying to accomplish?

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Wayne Pruner is a Tigard real estate agent and a licensed Oregon contractor who would be happy to talk with you about what repairs net you the most return. I can be reached at 503-891-0795 or by email at

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