What Sellers Should Never Say to Buyers

What Tigard Oregon Sellers Should Never Say to Buyers. 

Many potential real estate sales in Tigard Oregon have been killed by Sellers inadvertently saying the wrong thing.  It is best to tell me everything about your home and avoid discussing issues with the Buyer or the Buyer’s agent.  A good Realtor, such as myself,  has the skills necessary to negotiate all issues with your home and can present all information in the most favorable context to benefit the Seller. It is best to leave the house when the Buyer and their agent show up.  If that is impractical, thank them for viewing your home and excuse yourself because you have something important to do, such as; you have an important phone call to make, paperwork to catch up on, need to help your children with homework, or you are getting ready to leave.  This avoids saying something you shouldn’t and makes you appear not to be avoiding the Buyers. 

Please do not offer to talk about your reasons for moving. 

A divorce is certainly an important event in your life, but a Buyer may use this as a reason to offer a lower price knowing that the home has to sell.  A potential Buyer may be having marriage problems and this makes your home less attractive to them.  Also, the Buyer may not want to negotiate with contentious Sellers. 

A death in the family.  Many people and cultures have phobias about living in a house where people have died. 

You have bought another house. Buyers will offer you less because of your urgency to sell. 

You have outgrown the house. If the Buyers have the same number of family members, they may move on to a larger house. 

Your house has maintenance issues.  Do not start off saying you will offer a carpet allowance, fix the furnace before closing, or bring up any other maintenance issues.  Let me handle all maintenance issues. During our pre-listing interview we will address maintenance issues and discuss how they will be handled.

Sellers and great agents share information and the agent presents it to the Buyer in the most favorable light.  Solutions are then negotiated to mitigate any problems.

If you have any questions about selling your Tigard home, give me a call. You will get straight answers with no sales pressure.

Wayne B. Pruner, GRI  503-891-0795  email: waynepruner@oregonfirst.com