Tigard Farmers Market

Tigard Farmers Market:  Produce to Die For

The Tigard Farmers Market is located at Young’s Funeral Home in the parking lot at 11831 SW Pacific Hwy.  The Market runs through Oct. 2010 and is held every Sunday from 9AM to 2PM. This is a temporary location until the permanent one is built in downtown Tigard. Young’s Funeral home has always been a big supporter of the local community. They have sponsored many youth sports teams and they have been a pillar of the community for many years.

In addition to fabulous produce, there are beautiful flower arrangements, craft and food booths, and live entertainment. The variety of produce available at the farmer’s market at this time is limited because of all the rain we had this year. It is estimated that 80% of strawberries rotted in the fields this year! The sweet corn and tomato crop is also way behind this year due to the rain. The ground could not be worked and seeds planted until the soil dried out. Being a farmer is not that easy! By the end of July the supply of fruits and vegetables should be much greater. One thing that pictures cannot capture are the fragrant smells that envelope the Market and the warm and friendly people there. Show your support your local small business owners. Small bills and change are always appreciated and remember to bring your reusable grocery bag.

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