A Home Inspection Is Not Optional

A Home Inspection Is Not Optional

How often have you heard the need to get a home inspection from a Realtor? There is no legal requirement in Oregon to have a home inspection, but it would be incredibly unwise not to get one. Buying a home with hidden repair/safety/health issues can be a money pit. home inspection

The cost of an inspection is money well spent. All inspectors are not created equal. Your Realtor should be able to provide you with a list of inspectors who have demonstrated proficiency and attention to detail.

Each inspector has a list of the different inspections that they offer. I had inspectors tell me that they do not crawl under houses or check for insect damage. They did not get the job. You want a complete home inspection that covers the major issues with a home purchase.

These, in my opinion, are some of the most important issues that need to be addressed with a home inspection.

  • Safety issues: Are the stair railings secure? Are each electrical outlet in the kitchen and bathrooms GFCI protected? Are there adequate smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?
  • Health issues: Is there mold, mildew or fungi anywhere in the house? Is there a radon gas danger in the area?
  • Large cost items: What is the life expectancy of the roof? What is the condition of the foundation? What is the life expectancy of the furnace and air conditioner?
  • Moisture problems: Is there water under the house? Are there signs of a leaking roof? Does the home have dry rot? Are there signs of insect damage or infestation? Is there peeling exterior paint? Moisture problems are prevalent in Tigard because of the wet climate and can lead to expensive repairs.
  • Repair issues: Does the plumbing operate properly? Do all the appliances work properly? Is the electrical system adequate for modern needs? Is there proper ventilation in the kitchen and bath rooms? Are there any apparent building code violations? Have past repairs been done correctly?

I once had a client that wanted to buy a very cute house built in 1905. I insisted that she get a home inspection, but she did not want to spend the money. She finally realized that I was serious when I handed her an addendum for her signature that stated that she was going forward with a home purchase without a home inspection that was contrary to my advice. She relented and the inspection on the home indicated numerous problems, but the biggest issue was the foundation. It was a stone and wood foundation and the wood was rotting away. She did not buy the house. I probably saved her $20,000 on that issue alone.

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