Tigard Oregon Home Sales in October 2011

Tigard Oregon Home Sales

 This data compares Tigard Oregon single family home sales.

October 2010 is compared to October 2011.

  •  The average Tigard Oregon home sale price was up .05% from a year ago. (Yes, up 1/2 of a percent.)
  • The number of active listings in Tigard (48) was down 45%. This could be contributed to seasonal fluctuation and general Seller reluctance to market their home in this economic climate.
  • Days on market before the house sold (120) was very close to what it was last year.
  • There were 51 Tigard homes sold this month, up 20% from this month last year. Included in these sales were 6 short sales and 7 bank owned properties (a 23% increase).


All information is deemed accurate but is not guaranteed.

Tigard Oregon Home Sales: Real estate activity in Tigard Oregon for the month of October 2011 showed an increase in the average sales price of 1/2 percent. While this is encouraging news, one month is statistically insignificant to suggest a trend. People still need jobs and Banks have too many foreclosures. When these two conditions improve, the real estate market will improve because there is much pent up demand for housing. Families have doubled up because of the economic climate and are ready to move to a single family situation. This should be the last big year for foreclosures because the peak of people needing to refinance their interest only loans will pass. When the inventory of foreclosures is reduced, home appreciation will return. This is a Buyers market. Buyers are firmly in the drivers seat.

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