Tigard Oregon City Information

Tigard Oregon City Information Tigard Oregon is a city located in Washington County. The city is named after Wilson M. Tigard (pronounced Tie-gerd) who settled in the area in 1852. He traded two cows for 320 acres of land that had a small cabin. Mr. Tigard became quickly involved in civic affairs by helping build the East Butte School, as the area was then known, in 1853. Wilson’s son, Charles … [Read more...]

Tigard Farmers Market

Tigard Farmers Market:  Produce to Die For The Tigard Farmers Market is located at Young's Funeral Home in the parking lot at 11831 SW Pacific Hwy.  The Market runs through Oct. 2010 and is held every Sunday from 9AM to 2PM. This is a temporary location until the permanent one is built in downtown Tigard. Young's Funeral home has always been a big supporter of the local community. They have … [Read more...]

Stop Scamming Tigard Seniors

Stop Scamming Tigard Seniors Senior citizens are common targets for scams. Frauds against the senior population happen on a greater frequency than the general population. Learning how to recognize when you are being scammed, can help protect you from becoming a victim. On Wednesday, February 3, 2010, professional from The Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, the Oregon Dept. … [Read more...]

Bah Humbug Tigard!

Bah Humbug Tigard! My wife and son went out last night to buy a Christmas tree for a local tree lot. When they got home, with a tree, they said the City of Tigard was forcing the tree lot to move. This incident even made today’s Oregonian, as reported by Bill Oram. The City of Tigard said that Larry’s Custom Christmas Trees was operating an outdoor business in a residential … [Read more...]