Winterize Your Home with these 10 easy tips

 Winterize Your Home with these 10 easy Tips Now that fall has almost ended, it’s time to think ahead and prepare your home for winter. These simple tips to winterize your home can make your home feel more comfortable, reduce energy consumption, and go a long way to reducing any future repair costs. Clean your gutters and downspouts.  Debris can cause water backup and ice dams in some … [Read more...]

How do Reverse Mortgages work?

How do reverse mortgages work? Many Seniors have trouble making ends meet because of depleted retirement savings or unexpected medical bills. A reverse mortgage can supply a homeowner with funds and they do not have to move. The Tigard Public Library is sponsoring a seminar on reverse mortgages, the first in a series of seminars designed to inform seniors on how to maintain their independence. … [Read more...]