Tigard Oregon Relocation Information

Tigard Oregon Relocation Information My Tigard Oregon Relocation Information provides a comprehensive resource for all things related to Tigard, Oregon for people coming from other cities and states. I am a real estate agent that knows the Tigard Community very well. I concentrate my real estate activities to the Tigard area and I have been tracking single family home sales for over 4 years. I … [Read more...]

Oregon Property Taxes Trade Offs

Oregon Property Taxes Trade Offs   Oregon Property Taxes: As a member of the Washington County Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA) for 11 years, I have acquired a greater understanding of our Oregon property tax system than the average citizen, and it seems many government leaders.   The Oregonian ran a story on 2/28/2013 titled “Time to tweak property taxes?” Has time eroded … [Read more...]

Choosing a Tigard Home

Choosing a Tigard Home When you're in the market for buying a home in Tigard, it's wise to have an idea of what you need in your new home. Buying a Tigard home is pretty much like buying real estate anywhere else. There are many homes for sale in Tigard and the home buying process can soon become overwhelming, but with a little pre-planning you can lessen your fears and doubts and obtain the … [Read more...]

Money, Marriage, and the Housing Crisis

Money, Marriage, and the Housing Crisis According to recent figures from the Census Bureau, couples are postponing marriage until their financial situation improves. The number of new households being formed is at its lowest level since 1947. This phenomenon is helping to keep the supply of unsold homes at record levels. People are worried about losing their job or finding a job and are not … [Read more...]

Should I get my short sale re-inspected?

Should I get my short sale re-inspected? Should I get my short sale re-inspected? I would say my answer to that is probably yes, depending on how much time has elapsed. I was talking to a new home owner last week. He purchased a short sale and the period between the home inspection and the closing of the short sale was nine months. The Seller continued to live in the house. When he took … [Read more...]

Is your Tigard Realtor telling you the truth?

Is your Tigard Realtor telling you the truth? You have probably heard that the economy has reached the bottom and is not going to get much worse. Some Tigard Realtors are taking this news and touting that the real estate market is poised to make a comeback. Realtors so want some optimistic news, that they are willing to take some minor good news and speculate a real estate rebound. I think that … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of the “Winter Tax Credit”

Take Advantage of the "Winter Tax Credit" If you are thinking of buying a home in Tigard Oregon, start looking now. Typically Buyers wait until Spring to get serious about house hunting and this year that would be a big mistake. The Federal Housing Tax Credit expires April 30,2010, that is why I am calling it a "Winter Tax Credit". To take advantage of this credit, you need to start looking … [Read more...]