Real Estate Electronic Signatures

Real Estate Electronic Signatures Real Estate Electronic Signatures: The digital revolution was supposed to reduce the use of paper. However, business generates and stores more paper than ever. The truly paperless office real estate office has not yet arrived. Clients, Sellers and Buyers, can fill out forms electronically, but then they need to print them out, sign them, scan or fax them to … [Read more...]

Money, Marriage, and the Housing Crisis

Money, Marriage, and the Housing Crisis According to recent figures from the Census Bureau, couples are postponing marriage until their financial situation improves. The number of new households being formed is at its lowest level since 1947. This phenomenon is helping to keep the supply of unsold homes at record levels. People are worried about losing their job or finding a job and are not … [Read more...]

What has happened to the American Dream?

What has Happened to the American Dream? Owning a home you can call your own is part of the “American Dream”. For many, this dream has turned into a nightmare. The idea that home prices never fall has been shattered. The average American home buyer got caught-up in the hoopla and “herd mentality” of the Great Real Estate Bubble and thought they were doing the right thing. Mostly, through forces … [Read more...]

Repair your home before you sell it.

Repair your home before you sell it. Properly handling repairs that come up as the result of the home inspection can be tricky to negotiate. Repairs are probably the second biggest reason why sales fail. Financing issues are generally number one, but you have very little control over this. You can be proactive on repair issues.  The Seller wants to do the minimum necessary to sell the house and … [Read more...]